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Your Guide to All-Round Well-being This Summer!

You know summer’s the perfect time to switch to flip-flops, but did you know it’s also the right time to change your diet? The summer sun in most places in India has the power of sapping out your energy and leaving you tired and irritable. Heat and humidity aren’t only uncomfortable – they can be downright dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Being outdoors more often and sweating, ups your risk for health problems such as dehydration, skin sensitivities, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Hence, it’s always important to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

With the scorching summer heat being hard on our bodies, our moods, and our electric bills, escaping to the cooler climes of hill stations or renting a little cottage in an Alpine village, against a backdrop of picturesque snow-clad mountains, is sadly not an option for most. Don’t let the temperature get you down, though. With all the sun, the great weather and the general cheerfulness of the summer, improving your well-being should be a piece of cake. Our well-being kit is the perfect rescue remedy to help you stay cool, calm and collected, and to help you find the easy in your summer, no matter where it takes you.


Summer is the time when we rely on salads and all you need is a good dressing to go with them. Featuring fresh lime juice with a perfect mix of toasted sesame and mixed spices, it’s bursting with flavor and nutrition in every bite! High in protein and fiber, this sweet, sour and zesty-Asian dressing can be paired with any salad. The lime present helps in weight loss, skin care and improves digestion. Sesame helps to prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure and protect against radiation. Let’s reach a healthier and happier you with this delicious yet exotic salad dressing.

The summers are here and here is a great way to cool off – chaas. It is a flavorful and a digestive blend of spices used to make the easiest, quickest and also one of the healthiest summer drinks. The next time you get acidity after eating a heavy or spicy meal, drink a glass of chaas instead of popping an antacid. This yoghurt-based drink is both delicious and healthy, making it the perfect accompaniment to your meals. Drinking it right after a long hot day in the sun is a great way to combat dehydration and fatigue.

Along with adding flavor to food, cumin is associated with many health benefits such as improving digestion, improving cholesterol and is also a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It is a savory spice which can be used as seasonings and toppings for salads, pizza and parathas, roasts, sprouts, pasta, breakfast cereal, yoghurt dips and other savories.


Ever wanted to try a new nutrient-packed fruit drink? Our delicious plum cooler with its tangy-sweet taste is the perfect summer drink. Widely available with unique antioxidants and organic compounds, this juice is something you should definitely add to your well-being kit. Plums are also low in calories and hence will not increase your blood sugar levels. The most important health benefits of plum cooler include aiding weight loss, preventing heart attacks, boosting vision, reducing constipation, and helping in pregnancy, among others.

Known for its concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, this trendy beverage has swept the nation. Made with 100% Pure Tender Coconut Water extracted from select young nuts, it works wonders on your health – and no, not just in summers to quench your thirst on a scorching afternoon. From boosting heart health to possibly treating acne, this incredibly refreshing drink has a lot to offer. So, this summer let’s cool down with coconut water.

The aroma, taste and greatness of the infusion tea will make you forget what green tea is all about. This healthy; hydrating beverage will nourish your body and delight your senses. Squeezing the fruit to release juice into the water before steeping will enhance its nutritional value. The tartness of the hibiscus flirts with the sweetness of licorice and cinnamon in this caffeine-free fruit infusion will soothe your body, mind and soul.


Trail mix, when it’s done right, can be one of the healthiest on-the-go snacks. A Powerhouse of dried fruits & berries gives you your daily boost of vitamins & minerals as you savor the fruity goodness. Highly portable and calorie-dense, a trail mix with assorted nuts and dried fruits is ideal for staving off hunger pangs during long hikes or busy days when it’s hard to find time to sit down for a meal. You can enjoy this trail mix with your breakfast cereal, yoghurt, ice cream, pancakes, kheer, and custards or simply as it is.

Mint is cool and refreshing and mint is what makes these snack-size protein bars so invigorating and delicious. Our cool mint bars are made up of oats, black dates, roasted almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds & pumkin seeds and are a nutritional supplement that provides protein, and potentially other nutrients, to your diet. When those hunger pangs hit between meals, or if you’ve just finished a strenuous workout, these cool mint bars will keep you cool and refreshed while also providing taste, quality and nutritious energy that can keep you energized.

Often labeled a super-food, they are low in calories and incredibly good for you.

When it comes to assessing the benefits of these nutrient-dense super berries – they are a powerhouse of antioxidants, and thereby protecting the body from developing various diseases, including cancer. Besides being luscious, they are tasty and can be included in your muffins, pancakes, salads or oatmeal. From delaying signs of aging to aiding weight loss, studies indicate that these ‘little blue dynamos’ hold the key to better skin, hair, and health.

Forget air conditioning! This well-being kit will help you keep cool even if it feels like the sun is out to get you. Let the summers begin!

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