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The Perfect Festive Gifting Guide 2018

This festive season let’s go back to the basics – but with a twist! Diwali gifting has becoming increasingly commercial and geared more towards displays than the sentiment behind it. The festive season is a time to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, to appreciate the all that is the good and bright in our lives.

We at Foodstree believe there’s no gift like the gift of good food! So what better way to show your appreciation to your loved ones than giving them something universally loved. When selected well, the simple gift of food can bring immense joy, wonder and merriment. Traditional gifts during the festive season include dry fruits, nuts & sweets.

At Foodstree, we have all this and much more. Starting from the simplest traditional gift, to gourmet gifts for a true foodie, to

For The Traditionalist:

The Almond Box – Includes various flavours of almonds like anardana, blueberry, chocolate, honey sesame, paan etc. Price: Rs. 1000

For The Health Freak:

Health & Happiness Gift Box – Includes tangy & lusciously sweet berries, whole grain crispy snacks and flavoured healthy seeds. Price: Rs. 350

For The Sweet Tooth:

Cookies Box – Set of 6 cookies with flavours like Herb & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Tulsi Ginger. Price: Rs. 450-750

For The Chef:

Sugar & Salt Box: Set of flavoured pink salts & demerara sugar. Flavours include lemon chilli, vanilla, cinnamon & more. Price: Rs. 1000

For The Foodie:

The Gourmet Celebration Box- Includes organic jams, mustards, flavoured honeys and exotic relishes. Price: Rs 1100

For The One Who Loves The Little Things:

The Mini happiness box-  Includes 5 mini bottles of preserves, jams, honey & relishes. Price: Rs. 400 OR

6  Flavour Gift Box- Includes 6 mini-jars of unique cookie flavours like rosemary & lemon. Price: Rs. 1000

For The Caffeine Addict:

Utopian Treasures Tea Box- Includes Honey Limon Tea, Celestial Chamomile Tea & Darjeeling Muscatel. Price: Rs. 900.

For The One Who’s Always Snacking:

Fusion Bundle- Includes berries mix, seeds & fruits, potato flakes, beaten brown rice desi mix. Price: Rs. 700

Head on over to our delicious Combos to explore more! We hope this curated list was helpful in solving your Diwali gifting needs. We are always available via Whatsapp, call or email for gifting solutions throughout the year. Wishing you all a very prosperous & delicious festive season!

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