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Recreate The Comfort of Home Food – Even When You’re Far Away!

When you pack your bags and leave the comfort of home to hostel, it seems near to impossible to maintain a balanced diet. Moving away from home gives a very ecstatic feeling but soon the novelty factor vanishes off and the students are struck by home sickness. Everything around  students makes them badly miss their parents, and specially the home-made food and its easy availability which one cannot get anywhere. Main among the problems that come with living in a college hostel is the lack of a constant supply of food.

Then, the Mess seems like a real ‘mess’. From that watery-dal to the half-burned chapattis, Indian hostellers have to face the many interesting food ‘experiments’. Carrying snacks from home is all about the sense of comfort. When you are away from home for a long period, and you tend to miss the food that gives you a taste of “ghar ka khana”, for such a scenario, we bring to you some desi snacks and hacks that will instantly give you a sense of warmth and comfort and help you curb your hunger during your stay away from home!

  1. Chilly Garlic Khakra:

Chilly Garlic Khakhra is the perfect crispy, savory snack to get rid of those hunger pangs while eating healthy. Wholegrain and protein-rich, you just can’t have enough of this healthy, filling and easy to carry snack. And these snacks are ideal for carrying to your hostels, because they have a long shelf life. So, when you are away from home and craving for something chatpata, salty and little spicy, this delicious Chilly Garlic Khakra comes as an antidote.

  1. Dry Mango Pickle:

The very mention of aam ka achaar triggers a physical response — lips puckering at the recall of brine and teeth teetering on tanginess — but also a plethora of memories. Our tasty Dry Mango Pickle will tickle your taste buds and make you remember your childhood days in its many avatars! Mango pickles are not only rich in taste, but high in health too. They help rejuvenate the inner organs as they contain antioxidants. Add this to your tuck bag and make it your seret ingredient to enjoy your mess food.

  1. Ribbon Pakoda:

In your favourite pakoda style…now more n more health for more n more crunchy bites. This is a broad, ribbon-shaped sev that is super crisp because of the perfect proportioning of rice flour, besan and butter and is also a good tea time snack and can be munched on any time of the day.  It is flavoured aptly with chilli powder which gives it a mildly-spicy taste.

  1. Roasted Cheesy Jalapeno Makhana:

Roasted to perfection, our Roasted Cheesy Jalapeno Makhanas are an irresistible zingy combination of cheese and jalapeno flavours which are easy to snack on and best to carry around anywhere, especially to put in your tuck bag to avoid missing a meal. They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. This makes them an ideal snack to satiate those in-between hunger pangs.

  1. Roasted Namkeen All In One:

8 whole grains combine to provide you with the right balance of taste and health. A spicy savoury prepared from Rice flour, Gram flour, peanuts, lentil, asafoetida and many more, this multigrain mixture is the best accompaniment as a tea time snack. This product has assorted tastes and flavours and is a favourite among children. This is also a popular snack for use when packing your tuck bag as it can be shared among many people.

  1. Onion Poha:

When hunger strikes suddenly, this Roasted Onion Poha is sure to answer your appetite in a tasty and crunchy way. Made of Rice flakes, Roasted Bengal gram and Onion powder with a sprinkling of spice powders for a dash of excitement, this dry snack is ideal to store in an air-tight container and munch on when you are hungry. Pop a spoonful into your mouth and savour the crunchiness of this delectable snack!

  1. Choco Almond Protein Bars:

Want to stay healthy being in a hostel? Agreed that it’s hard, but it isn’t impossible! With our Choco Almond Protein Bars, carry bars as mid-day snacks between colleges or in the evening.  They are highly nutritious and contain fibre that can fill you up, also they meet up the protein requirement of your body which otherwise would have been missed out.

  1. Banana Chips:

Crispy wafers made out of unripe bananas are an all-time favourite all over the country. The unripe bananas along with the spices provide a sweet and spicy flavor. Banana chips are low in sodium and cholesterol thereby making it very delicious snack to have. They can be munched on anytime, thus making it a great snack to add to your tuck bag. Now, make more friends in college with these delicious banana chips.

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