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Rain Rain Don’t Go Away! – Elevated Comfort Food For This Monsoon Season

The weather is gloomy and the world outside is overcast and grey. Even though the evening breeze is welcome, staying indoors can get weary after a while. Open up your windows to the pitter-patter outside and let the cool wind gush in with the drizzle. Let it rain!

Look around to see eye catching colours everywhere, from big vibrant umbrellas to trendy flip flops, even the most mundane looks brand new. Simple pleasures in life are most memorable, just like the distinct aroma of wet mud and the sound of rain tapping our window panes.

Monsoons bring with them a host of opportunities for us to make memories and these memories don’t come with a huge price tag. All you need is light showers, good company and an array of crispy, crunchy and spicy goodies to enjoy the rainy splendor outside.  Blame our favourite movies and books for fueling the said craving, but monsoons now are just incomplete without these delicacies. Are you ready to load up on some delicious goodness?

For when you’re craving a warm cuppa:

  1. Creamy Tomato Soup:

Now this one’s an all-time favourite! Tomato soup brings with it all kinds of memories. From train journeys to picnics, this simple but delicious soup was everywhere. And why not? It’s just that easy to make. This thick, creamy tomato soup makes for a healthy, tasty, and nutritious option while craving warmth to complement the drizzles. They are also filling and low in calories. Curl up on this flavorful soup this monsoon!

  1. Kadak Masala Chai:

Monsoon is already here, and it’s raining now and then. It’s the perfect time to sip some chai, have quick nibbles and get down into deep conversations with your friends. Our kadak masala chai is equally healthy and is very easy to make. Believed to strengthen the immune system and keep common infections at bay, our kadak masala chai is infused with the goodness of all the antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic properties of its constituent spices. Craving a steaming pot of Kadak Masala Chai this monsoon?

  1. Hot Cocoa Mix:

Brew your monsoon with a twist! You don’t need to go to a spa for an invigorating and blissful experience, just brew a cup of hot cocoa mix and revel in the rhythm of the falling rain. Sugar, spice, and everything nice – that’s exactly what this heady hot cocoa mix offers. Coffee can cure headaches, reduce cavities and boost mood. Kick-start your day with this hot cocoa mix and welcome the richness of monsoon!

Tastebud tinglers for heavy showers:

  1. Digestive Tulsi, Ginger and Honey Cookies:

Want to satisfy your tongue with some tasty and soft cookies? Talk about monsoon and a sudden urge to gorge on delectable soft and yummy cookies springs up almost instantly. Let’s brighten up your monsoon season with a perfect way to satisfy your food cravings with these digestive tulsi, ginger and honey cookies. They are full of nutrition and are a perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

  1. Tingling Tamarind Candy:

Made of tamarind pulp, a bit of sugar, salt and chilli powder, imli goli has a very tangy taste and is also the perfect mixture of sweet, sour and spice. But more than just being a treat to the taste buds, it has many benefits. The imli golis or tamarind candies aid in digestion prevents gas, flatulence and much more.

For when you just can’t do without the crunch!

  1. Organic Besan:

Mention rain, and the thought of garma-garam pakodas instantly follows. These satisfyingly crisp treats are the perfect companions to a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Chop up your favourite veggies or meat, dunk them in a spicy batter of our Organic Besan and fry away a quick snack. Dip in freshly made chutney and lose yourself to the crunch.

  1. Chilli Garlic Wholegrain Mustard Sauce:

Monsoons undoubtedly perk up the taste buds. When it pours, one craves for hot and spicy food. But with the rains, come several ailments, so one needs to be careful of what one eats. Our Chilli Garlic Mustard Sauce is the perfect way to relish your fried food cravings while enhancing their taste, as you watch the rains from your windows and verandah. Our version of it is coarsely pounded mustard with hints of chilli resulting in a sauce with authentic rustic flavours and a mild bright yellow colour.

  1. Organic Moong Dal:

Whether it is winter, summer, or monsoon time – everyone will be craving for this fried snack. Our Organic moong dal is the comfort food that is synonymous with Monsoon in Kolkata. They make the perfect accompaniment for the evening tea, and are best enjoyed in the monsoon season. Even though they are fried, these bite-sized sensations never seem too heavy on your stomach.

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