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Yoghurt Berry + Anti Oxidant Bars Pack Of 6

Sold by: Mojo Bars


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Work, family, school — you’re busy, and that doesn’t always mean you have time to cook protein-rich foods. When you are on the run or recovering from a tough workout, our bars can be very beneficial.

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Contains Anti Oxidants Pack of 6.

Main Ingredients: Cranberries, yoghurt, almonds, peanuts, rice crispies, oats.

Nutritional Information: Serving size: 1 Bar(35g) Amount Per Serving (Approx Values): Energy: 173Kcal, Protein: 3.7g, Total Carbohydrate: 20.8g of which Sugars: 8.6g, Total Fat: 8.3g of which Saturated Fat: 2.9g, Trans Fat: 0g, Dietary Fibre: 2.9g, Sodium: 86.8mg & Cholesterol: 0mg.

As Indians (whose mothers strongly believe that ‘dahi’ is the solution to most things) we have grown up with yoghurt and developed a special relationship with it. It’s our go-to comfort food and of course very healthy. Having realized that this is such an integral part of so many homes, we decided to tip our hats to it. Combining it with cranberries and cereal and mixing in almonds and watermelon seeds for some added crunch, we have perfected the balance between the sweet and the sour. While the bar retains the signature tangy-ness of the yoghurt and cranberries, there’s just the right amount of sweet from the honey to balance it out! Give your palate a pleasant surprise with this one!

Expiry Date: 6 Months from the date of manufacture.




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