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Stevia Leaf Powder (Pack of 2)


In Stock

Product Description:

Nature’s answer to high-calorie sugar and sweeteners. Stevia is nature’s way of sweetening things up. Bid adieu to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Health Benefit: Low calorie natural sweetner, helps in managing diabeties.

Place of Origin: Assam,India

Q Factor: Our Organic Stevia has been farmed naturally in Assam using natural farming practices. The rich soil and eco-system does not require any chemical additives whatsoever. Processed and cultivated on the same farm.

Ingredients: Stevia Leaf Powder

No of Pieces: 2

Storage and Handling Instructions: Upon opening package,store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Consume Within: 3 months upon opening package

Expiry(Shelf Life): 12 months from date of packaging

Weight200 kg
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