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Smoked Hickory Honey

Sold by: Theo Organics


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Drizzle over ice creams, toast or desserts. Use over meat for grilling to get the rich smokey flavor.

Raw Himalayan Honey is slowly cold smoked over Hickory wood chips for 6 hours to produce a sweet to strong smoked Gourmet Honey.

Product details: Theo Raw Himalayan Honey is cold smoked over Hickory wood chips for hours allowing it to be infused with the rich Hickory flavor.

Theo Hickory Smoked Honey is 100% Natural.

Flower Sources: Forest Flowers.

Terroir: Produced on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas where the soil is untouched by human development, the air is pure and unpolluted.

This honey is RAW – not heated, not pasteurised, not coloured and no chemicals added. It is PURE – as nature meant it to be.

Ingredients: Raw unprocessed Honey

Tasting notes: Sweet to strong, heavy smoke flavor.

Color: light amber to dark golden

Jar Quantity: single



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