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Raw Sunflower Seed

Sold by: True Elements


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They can be munched as guilt free munchies. They can be sprinkled on your salads or fries. They can be stirred in yogurt, pasta or added to your dough. They are versatile enough to be incorporated in any of your gourmet healthy recipes.


Contains Sunflower Seeds.

Raw sunflower seeds are a veggie protein famed as the super food. While some still believe that these seeds are only for the feathered friends, they are now included in top most seeds to consume. If being strong and healthy, without affecting weight is your priority, raw seeds ought to be present in your kitchen shelves.  Snacking on such protein-rich food is a nice addition to your well-balanced food routine when consumed in moderate levels. True Elements Seeds are pure, natural seeds extracted from sunflower, free from processes that affect their nutritive value.


  • Rich in protein content.
  • They contain various phytochemicals like choline, arginine, lignans, folate and Vitamin E.
  • They are a rich source of minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper and have many essential fatty acids.
  • These seeds contain a considerable amount of dietary fiber.
  • Controls your blood pressure: It contains a high amount of magnesium which helps lower your blood pressure.
  • Combats Cancer: Good source of selenium which is proven to help combat cancer.
  • Boosts Immune System: Minerals in the seeds aids you in producing energy, boost your metabolism, and fuels healthy lifestyle
  • Controls cholesterol level: They contain healthy fats that lower bad cholesterol sticking from arterial walls and boost the level of virtuous cholesterol, thus combating heart ailments like the heart attack.
  • Keeps your bone strong: Seeds contain minerals like calcium, magnesium which keeps your bone strong. Vitamin E eases joint pain and arthritis.
  • Stress buster: Magnesium in the seeds calms the nerves, eases stress and helps you relax.

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