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Quinoa Kiwi Bar

Sold by: Sprightly


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Enjoy a 100% Vegan, Guilt free Gluten Free, Source of Protein, Dairy Free Snacking Option with bundle of Energy, Suitable for Growing Kids, Pregnant Lady & Balanced Nutrition snacking option. A tasty product with goodness of Seeds and Nuts, High in Fibre, Zero Cholesterol and Zero Transfat.

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Nutritional Information : 

Carbohydrate (g) 65.35
of which sugar (g) 42.99
Protein (g) 7.27
Fat (g) 7.27
Saturated Fat (g) 0.78
Trans Fat (g) 0.00
Cholesterol (mg) 0.00
Fiber (g) 6.34
Energy 359.95

Main Ingredients :

Dates, Quinoa Flakes, Puffed Quinoa Seeds, Invert Syrup, Dried Kiwi ( Kiwi, Sugar), Pumpkin Seeds, Almond,Watermelon Seeds, Vaniila Essence

Total Shelf Life: 6 months

Storage Instruction :

Storage Condition – Nitrogen Flushed. Keep in dry & cool place, away from direct sunlight/heat.

Quantity: Pack of 8

We do not use Hydrogenated Oil or MSG in any of our products.



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