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Organic Rice and Moong Mix

Sold by: Fructus Terra


In Stock

Our product is a perfect introductory supplementary food for your baby. Rice and moong porridges are traditionally and since ages, being used as supplementary introductory foods for babies. Our product is designed to cater to the busy life style of working moms. Just boil some water, add our product, form the mixture into a smooth pap and a healthy serving for the baby is ready within few minutes.

Ingredients: Organic – White rice, Yellow Moong Dal, Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric.

Storage: Transfer the contains immediately to an air tight container after opening thr product. Refrigerate the product to increasd shelf life.

Instant Rice and Moong dal mix is one of the best first foods for your little one. It is Nutritious and easy to digest. It is a great meal when you are travelling with your baby or you need to pack food for creche.



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