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One Day Detox

Sold by: Zoe F&B


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Eating healthy daily is a challenge given our lifestyles. Zoe’s One day detox is designed to help you lose weight, improve immunity, boost metabolism & flush out toxins from your body, just by detoxing once a week, without changing your lifestyle. This product is based on the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. According to the principles of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, fasting once a week is the best thing you can do to completely detoxify your mind, body and soul. Due to this, you experience an improvement in the overall quality of your life. Fasting or detoxification should be a way of life. Zoe’s One Day Detox is for everybody who loves their body and wants to give their body the nutritious and care that it deserves. Most of us are living such a crazy and hectic lifestyle, that in all the running around, we don’t end up taking care of our body in the right way. Also, we consume so much junk in our everyday meals. It is very important for each one of us to set aside one day every week, to detox our body of all the toxins, and to get rejuvenated and refreshed to start our journey again.

Low calorie, low filling, fat free, protein rich, chemical preservatives free and loaded with macro & micro nutrients.

It is 100% natural, 100% safe to consume and has no side effects.

*You will burn fats and lose unwanted kilos
*You will rest your digestive track
*You will enhance your metabolism
*You will clear your colon
*Your body will absorb nutrients more efficiently
*You will experience increase your energy levels
*You will have healthier skin and hair
*You will purify your liver
*No Dieting: You get the desired results – a great body and a greater feeling – without starving yourself.
*Easy and Convenient: Our package is easy to use and easy to carry around. It comes with instructions that are easy to follow.
*Completely Natural Ingredients: Unlike other teas in the market, our teas are made with 100% natural ingredients – which means no essential oils, no fragrances, no essence – just pure & natural ingredients.
*Designed for Results: Zoe’s 7 Day Tea Detox is formulated by experts, and it is made to give the desired results, if followed diligently.

Note: The results may vary from person to person.



Each detox kit contains the following 13 items, which need to be consumed within 24 hrs.

*1 Instant Glow 100% certified organic Face Mask
*4 teas to improve metabolism and facitilate fat burb
*4 natural juices loaded with micro and macro nutrients
*2 natural soups which are low calorie and filling
*1 pack of muesli which needs to be consumed with milk / yoghurt for breakfast

All teas are in the form of tea sticks and all the juices are made of dehydrated fruits & vegetables.


In each detox kit, you get 13 items. 12 items need to be consume in 12 hours on your detox day! The 13th item needs to be consumed the morning after. Your detox pack contains all the products that you need to consume in the entire day. Just follow the schedule in the pack and feel refreshed and rejuvenated for days to come.
Below is your tentative schedule. The actual schedule and ingredients in the pack you’ve received may vary a little bit.

*[6AM-8AM] – Upon Waking Up
Amla Drink & Instant Glow Face Mask

*[8AM-10AM] – Breakfast
Muesli to be consumed with milk/creamer/yoghurt
Organic Spiced Kashmiri Green Tea

*[10AM-11AM] – Post Breakfast Snack
Lemon Ginger Instant Drink

*[12PM-2PM] – Lunch
Tomato Soup
Daily Detox Darjeeling Green Tea

*[2PM-4PM] – Post Lunch Snack
Beet & Amla Instant Drink

*[4PM-6PM] – Evening Snack
Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea

*[6PM-7PM] – Pre Dinner Snack
Lemon Juice

It can be used by all age groups and genders.

Servings / Capsules per container: 13 items




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