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Multigrain Sweet n’ Salty Ajwain Cookies

Sold by: Fidalgo


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Delicious, sweet and salty Ajwain cookies for every mood. Manufactured in completely gluten free environment. Our major concern is that celiac/wheat allergy patients get a safe, clean, healthy and of course, tasty product.

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  • Gluten-Free: Made in completely gluten free atmosphere, without any risk of cross contamination.
  • Multigrain: This is real multigrain(even for out non celiac patients). More than six different varieties of grain are used to make the flour(in the same facility) that is used in making these cookies.
  • Tasty Cookies: Cookies are light, crispy and absolutely melt in your mouth. As we have been told by our customers over various phone calls we receive regularly.
  • Salty and Sweet Biscuits: As we know some of our customers love their cookies with a savoury touch.


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