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Lime-n-Chilly Makhana (No Onion No Garlic)


In Stock

If you’re Happy and you know it, Whistle!
We’re here to make the world a happier place, one bite at a time.
Bite into our range of under 100-cal-a-serving Roasted Snacks (no catch there, promise!). Whistle Snacks are amazing for you and they taste great. If that doesn’t make you happy, here’s a bunch of other incredible things about them: they are nutritious, gluten free, vegan, low on sugar, high in protein and high in fibre. Happy? Then, happy snacking!

Roasted Makhana: Lemony with just a tad bit of chilly. Guilt free snacking! Made with quality ingredients; this snack contains Protein, Iron, Calcium & Fibre and is…..SUPER LOW IN CALORIES!

The recent studies have revealed antioxidant effects of makhana. Its antioxidant activities are due to the presence of glucosides. Fox nut is a hydrant. It helps keep the moisture locked in the body. Due to this, the secretions of the body are also more moisturized.

Expiry Date:Best Before 4 months from Mfg date.



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