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Jasmine Green Tea


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We offer a truly natural, high-quality herbal teas.We use traditional harvesting methods and We make sure every cup is consistently fresh and pure.Start a day with more healthier way with rich in nutrition, antioxidants & amino acids.

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Ingredients: A premium blend of green tea with Jasmine that infuses the sensational aroma of jasmine with the splendid taste of green tea.

Put 2 grams loose tea leaves, either directly in a teapot or in a tea infuser and pour hot water over the leaves. After 2-3 minutes the leaves are usually removed again, either by removing the infuser or by straining the tea while serving. Do not add milk because when you add milk, most of the health properties of teas are lost. While it is best to avoid, sugar or honey can be added as per your taste.

Brewing time: 2-3 minutes

Temperature: 80℃ -85℃

Cancer-Fighting Antioxidants.
Reduced Blood Pressure.
Reduced Cholesterol Levels.
Immune System Boost.
Diabetes Fighter.
Fat Buster.

Net weight: 50 grams

Shelf life: Best before 24 months



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