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Salted & Roasted Sunflower Seed

Sold by: True Elements


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Sunflower seeds are best to as an evening snack. It tastes good and also has a good amount of nutritional value.

Contains Sunflower seeds, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Healthy food is hard to find. People more or less consume unhealthy oily staff which may suffice their taste buds but not their health. Sunflower seeds are highly nutritional and give the best health benefits to people.


  • Consumption of this particular seed reduces the chance of heart attack. The nutritional values in these seeds are good for the heart.
  • Vitamin E is another factor for consuming this particular product. One can gain a huge amount of Vitamin E after continuous consumption of this product.
  • Not only as a healthy product but can be consumed as a regular snack over a cup of coffee.
  • The product is salty and even crunchy giving you the utmost pleasure of eating.
  • There is no issue in carrying this product. It is available in a medium size pack and is easy to carry at any place.
  • The product has an air tight cap which helps it to remain fresh even after many days and there is no chance of getting affected by bacteria or some unwanted particles.


  • The product is highly rich in Selenium and Magnesium. These two minerals are very much important for the body.
  • Apart from the snack item people often consume this product for selenium and Magnesium.
  • It helps an individual to lighten the mood and relax for a longer period of time. Sunflower seeds help in making your health better.
  • This particular seed is a rich source of antioxidants which is again an important element for health.
  • The cardiovascular health can be maintained by consuming this particular seed.
  • It contains some very important nutrients like Vitamin E and few other things which are good for both the skin and the hair.


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