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Salted & Roasted Muskmelon Salted Snack Crunch

Sold by: True Elements


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This is the healthiest snack that one can have at any time of the day. Good taste and good health are assured with this item. One can even carry it at social occasions like a picnic and enjoy the taste of good health.

Contains Muskmelon  seeds, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Harippa Roasted Muskmelon seeds are snacks available for the health conscious people. Snacks with tea or coffee are always defined as unhealthy & oily but muskmelon seeds are crunchy, salted and even got high nutritional value.

People in the recent years are very health conscious yet their tongue desires some tasty & crunchy item. This product is sure to satisfy your health and even the taste buds. Seldom can one think of a food product which gives taste and good health together. Well, this one of course does.


  • It is gluten free.
  • Contains essential acids like Omega 3.
  • It is highly rich in protein
  • Contains various minerals for nutritional value.
  • Low amount of calorie and carb
  • It has Vitamin E and B complex.


  • Trying to have a snack which is both healthy and crunchy? This one is the perfect product.
  • One can stay for a long time after consuming these seeds as they are quite heavy and fills your stomach.
  • The seeds are highly rich in protein which is an added benefit of having this snack.
  • People tend to eat food which helps to deal with the weight. This is the best snack for losing weight.
  • Consuming these seeds can help in skin development.
  • One can have this either tea or with coffee in the evening and also at breakfast. This is considered to be a very healthy diet.




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