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Grain Stix – Tangy Pickle

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Six Grain Stix are roasted delicious treats with the goodness of six super grains- Oats, Ragi, Soya, Sorghum , Maize and Rice which are highly rich in proteins, fibre, Vitamin B and antioxidants. So, when it comes to giving your palate a joyride of spicy &tangy flavours this is ‘A-cannot-miss-munchy’, that is Gluten Free, contains no added preservatives, no MSG and what’s even better is that it has only 99 CALORIES!


Contains Oats, Ragi,Sorghum, Soya, Maize.

Total Shelf Life: 6 Months

Oats are a superfood , because they are dense with nutrients like dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. If your diet regularly includes a high intake of nutritious foods like oats, you may be less likely to develop many chronic medical conditions.





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