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Ginger Honey

Sold by: Farm Honey

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Ginger honey is prepared by Blending Ginger rhizome along with raw honey. An organic ginger is a mixed along with high-quality honey to bring to your unadulterated advantages of both ginger and honey. It can be consumed along with bread, toast, or your favorite cereal. It can be used as substitute for sugar in your coffee or tea


Contains Ginger Honey.

Our ginger honey offers instant relief from a sore throat and cold. It also helps to cure asthma if taken frequently. • The combination of ginger and honey is an excellent cough suppressant and provides instant relief from a cough, cold, sore throat, and runny nose. Drinking this combination will clean the respiratory system effectively. • This mixture is used the treatment of asthma and wheezing. It acts on the airway muscle, relaxes it, and helps in breathing problems. • This mixture can be uses the prevention of diabetes as it increases the sensitivity towards insulin and maintains normal blood sugar level by increasing the uptake of glucose into the muscle • The combination is used as a tonic to relieve problems of digestion and stimulates the produduction of bile in the stomach, which improves the absorption and digestion of fat in the body.

Shelf life: 9 months from the date of packing.

store in cool and dry place.





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