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Coorg Coffee Combo


In Stock

Coffee boosts your physical performance. Have a cup of black coffee about an hour before workout and your performance can improve by 11-12%. Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is your body’s “fight or flight” hormone which helps you to prepare for physical exertion.

Contains: Arabica Coffee and Blend Coffee 

Product Description:

We bring you this beautiful combo of Organic Coffee’s consisting of Pure Arabica Coffee and our own custom blend of Arabica and Robusta Coffee. Single Origin, shade grown and farm processed. Get the kettle on the stove and get ready to brew.

Q Factor: Our unique Coffee combo has your Coffee needs covered through the day. Our Blend Coffee has the right amount of kick to get you started in the morning and get you going. Our dark espresso roast brings out the right flavour to wake your tastes bud.

Type of Roast: Both our coffees have a medium to dark roast.

Consume Within:  12 months from the date of manufacture.

Type of Grind: Fine ground Coffee goes great with almost all coffee preparation techniques, French press, and drip or age old Filter Coffee method.

Best Way To Use: Our Coffee can be brewed in pretty much anyway there is. However, we suggest the following ways of preparation: 1. Filter Coffee: This is a popular method of Coffee preparation in South India a. Add 1 teaspoon of Coffee Powder to every 100 ml of hot water inside the top compartment/reservoir of the coffee filter. Let the Coffee brew brew for 8-10 mins. The brewed decoction drips into the lower compartment/reservoir. Add 20 ml of brewed decoction to 100 ml of hot milk, add sugar to taste.

Tasting Notes(Scale 1-5): 3-4

Storage and Handling Instructions: Upon opening package,store in an airtight container in a cool dry place.



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