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Chia Seeds


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Chia seeds have become one of the most popular superfoods  in the health community. They are easy to digest when prepared properly, and are a very versatile ingredient that adds easily to recipes.

Contains chia seeds.

Start your day with this power packed Chia seeds that contain 8 times more calcium than milk, 7 times more Vitamin C than Oranges, 3 times more Iron than Spinach, 2 times more Potassium than Bananas, and 8 times more Omega than Salmon.

These Chia seeds have no added colours, and are handpicked from the farm, raw and natural.

2 tsp Chia, 1 Lemon, Raw Honey, and 200 ml water mixed and consumed in the morning. Or just simply sprinkle Chia on top of your salads or other dishes.

Store in a cool dry place.

 24 months from the date of manufacture.



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