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Cheezy Peasy Yummy Khakhra Sticks with Dips (Pack of 2)

Sold by: Hungrezi


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Hungrezi’s Cheezy Peasy Yummy Khakhra Sticks with Chaska Chipotle Dip and Firangi Funda Dip are the new patent pending slim sticks that are made with the fusion flavours.

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Khakhra Sticks are convenient to have and share. The Sticks are simply crispy, low in fat and handcrafted. This is why no two sticks are the same. Rich in dietary fibre, makes it the answer to all the snack cravings. The sticks are rich in carbohydrates which make them instant energy providers. In the box you would get about 90 grams of khakhra sticks along with two dips of 20 grams each that go well with the flavour of khakhra sticks. Cheezy Peasy is for the one who just flips for good taste. It’s got ‘eat me’ written all over thanks to its cheesy flavour. Available in various other flavours.

Main Ingredients: Cheese

Total Shelf Life: 9 months

Inside : Cheezy Peasy Yummy Khakhra Sticks with Chaska Chipotle Dip and Firangi Funda Dip

Storage Information: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from sunlight.



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