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Butterscotch Muesli

Sold by: True Elements


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Muesli is an excessively rich source of insoluble and soluble fiber which is helpful in reducing the cholesterol.

Contains rolled oat, Butterscotch, whole wheat flakes.

If your morning drowsiness causes a lapse of your memory, Our Butterscotch Muesli is the perfect product to kick your brain into a gear. This muesli is loaded with sweet butterscotch and healthy muesli. It is an ideal morning munchies for children, fitness freak, and weight watcher or for the absent-minded people. This muesli benefits much more than just its pleasing taste. It is a sweet treat for your brain, which helps in keeping you alert through the day.


  • Butterscotch Muesli contains no cholesterol and trans fat.
  • It is rich in fiber and antioxidants that proves to be extremely beneficial for your body.
  • Nuts in the muesli are rich in protein and Vitamin E.
  • They are a good source of energy and have certain anti-bacterial properties.
  • Butterscotch is a candy for your brain that has certain brain accelerating properties.


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