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Organic Bamboo Rice (Pack of 2)


The health benefits, flavor, nutritional content, color, texture of the bamboo rice is extremely remarkable. No wonder , the foodies are shifting to the Bamboo rice, especially the foodies from the health conscious communities.

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Pack of 2.

Contains Bamboo Rice grains.

Bamboo Rice also known as Bamboo Blossom has been a tribal secret for many years now. We bring you this exotic and rare grain.

The bamboo rice is remarkable in terms of both taste and health benefits. It can be cooked in a similar way to regular rice and can substitute white rice in your everyday meal. This rice is also best to be served to your guest owing to its attractive color and subtle flavor. The flavor of the payasam is simply amplified by folds when this rice is used.

A wide range of delicacies such as Unni appam, puttu etc can be prepared from this rice. It is perfect for all gourmet applications. Bamboo rice can also be served along with your salads, as an Asian-style risotto.

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1000 gms


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