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Artisanes Collection

Sold by: Hillcart Tea


In Stock

Strong, mellow, green or milky- most of our tea preferences fit into these major categories. But this collection will open up a whole new world of colours and flavours that our teas have to offer.


As matter of blenders of fine teas sourced from rare provenances across the worlds, The Hillcart Tales is proud to present to you a collection of our best teas that are worthy of being a part of your celebrations.

The Tiramisu Delight is a fragrant and luscious dessert infusion that starts with a nutty and sweet base and ends on a chocolate high.

The Apple Strudel dessert tea is our tribute to the classic warm and flaky Viennese delicacy. It also makes for a fitting comparison to your sweet tooth.

Caramel and espresso- some flavour combinations are made to fit each other like a glove. Our Caramel Dream tea makes the most of this combination.

Notes of sweet coconut, tangily indulgent lemons and rich butter icing will make you keep going back to our Lemon Cake tisane.

Happy tea time to you!

Tiramisu Delight-10 teabags

Apple Strudel- 10 teabags

Caramel Dream – 10 teabags

Lemon Cake- 10 teabags





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