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Our Top Christmas Picks For 2018!

Generally the term Farmer’s Markets bring to mind visions of carts of fresh fruits, veggies and produce. But with the advent of new technology and emphasis on healthy eating, they are now a haven for all things healthy, organic, exotic and delicious. Now Farmer’s Markets don’t only constitute of produce, but also products made from them using sustainable methods and manners.

Whether it’s niche, exotic or gourmet, there has been a great shift towards the production of food using organic means. In fact, the Indian market is one of the largest markets of organic produce in the world. Farmers and their produce are vital as they form basis for this movement. In today’s day and age. a Farmers Market has been transformed into a one-stop solution for fresh, tasty, gourmet and organic produce.

In line with our motto of food that tastes great, but feels better, we curated a special range of festive Christmas-y goodies as part of our range displayed at the X-mas Edition of the Kolkata Farmer’s Market this December.  Don’t worry if you missed out on seeing us there – you can now shop all the goodness online!

  1. Wholewheat Pancake Mixes

Pancakes make people happy!  It’s no secret that eating a plate of pancakes means getting plenty of carbs. And that’s why we love them! Healthy wholegrain carbs are actually the main source of fuel for our bodies. Enjoy our light, fluffy and totally healthy natural pancakes to treat yourself at breakfast.

  1. Flavoured & Nut Butters: 

Be it your sudden hunger cravings or stubborn kids not wanting to have their breakfast, there is nothing that a spoon of flavoured nut butter can’t fix. With our range of flavored & gourmet butters, you can have a quick and decadent snack without the unhealthy fats of commercial butter and or added sugars and artificial flavorings of other “unhealthy” alternatives.

  1. Flavoured Nuts:

These are tasty, convenient and can be enjoyed on all kinds of diets! Easy to carry, and guilt-free to boot.

  1. Seeds & Mixes:

Eating seeds is one of the newest health trends, though it has been a practice for thousands of years in many parts of the world! To make it easy we have infused amazing flavours with the health benefits to give you the whole package at one go.

  1. Granola & Muesli:

Granola is an extremely popular breakfast and snack food with a wealth of health benefits, including its ability to lower cholesterol, regulate digestion. Make every morning a deliciously good one!

Looking for more festive treats? Head on over to our homepage to explore more.

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