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How To Deal With Stress The Natural Way!

In India, the financial year starts from 1st April and ends on 31st March of the next year. With the end of this financial year around the corner – the rush of finalizing accounting, business procedures and what not, we know how stressful things can get. With elongated work hours and anxiety, it is easy to neglect one’s body. However, don’t let your mind and body suffer through this time. It is normal to not only be overwhelmed but to have a lot of different emotions as well. So we have brought especially for you, a number of healthy products which will surely calm your mind and body down and help you work more efficiently.

Tackle your different emotions with the right type of food:


Anxiety is a normal part of life. It can come and go from time to time, but severe anxiety can affect your quality of life. Mild anxiety can cause some behavioral changes, however it can also cause some serious physical health issues. If it gets too intense then you might feel nauseas and lightheaded.

To tackle your anxiety we have

  • Pumpkin seeds– They are an excellent source of potassium which help in managing blood pressure and maintain electrolyte balance. Eating foods that are rich in potassium like banana and pumpkin seeds help in reducing anxiety.

Cheesy onion pumpkin seeds , Raw pumpkin seeds , Fiery sunflower seeds , Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds

  • Turmeric – Turmeric is a spice commonly used in the Indian household. Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric which helps in lowering anxiety by reducing inflammation. Increase of curcumin in the diet has also shown an increase in DHA, which reduces anxiety.

Turmeric honey , Turmeric latte , Raw turmeric pickle , Turmeric black tea

  • Chamomile tea– This tea also helps in relaxation and calms down the nerves. It helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing irritability.

Chamomile green tea , Chamomile flower herb tea, Rose chamomile tea, Lemongrass chamomile tea


Confusion makes a person lose their ability to think straight and clearly. This can make you feel disassociated and make it hard to focus on anything. Confusion can be caused by a number of reasons such as dehydration, sleep deprivation, low blood sugar levels and nutritional imbalances.

To tackle your confusion

  • Candies and chocolates– Low blood sugar can often be the cause of confusion. Hence, a sweetened beverage, some candy or a few bites of chocolate will help you bring your blood sugar levels to normal and make you feel better.

Masala amla candy, Tingling tamarind candy ,Persian rose truffles , Mint truffles , Pistachio ganache truffles

  • Dehydration– Dehydration maybe the cause for your confusion too. Even if you are not a fan of juices or tea, they can be a quick fix in helping you regain your normal state. So have some healthy juices and teas that will boost your sugar level and hydrate your body.

Fresh tender coconut water (on sale), Plum cooler,  Appehulli mango rasam , Honey orange tea , Honey ginger tea , Hibiscus tea, Fruit medley green tea


Stress cannot be always considered as “bad”. Sometimes stress helps one to perform under pressure and motivates one to do their best. However, if you are constantly overwhelmed, then it might be time to check and bring your nervous system back to its balanced state. Stress is basically your body’s way of responding to some danger or threat. However, after a point it can cause serious damage to your health, mood, relationships and quality of life.

To tackle your stress we have

  • Green tea – Green tea contains polyphenol which helps in combating stress. Green tea contains a lot of caffeine. However, its adaptive nature will calm you down to a great extent, as well as keep you alert while you are at your work.

Kashmiri spiced green tea , Ginger green tea , Matcha green tea

  • Dark Chocolate– A number of studies showed that consuming dark chocolate in measured quantities was good for stress. After consuming chocolate, even though their brain’s reaction to stress was similar, their body’s reaction to the brain’s stress signals was numb. Chocolate also contains sugar, which releases mood-improving serotonin. So give your spouse a chocolate when he/she is stressed!

80% Dark chocolate bar , 72% Sugar free dark chocolate , Brazilian Dark chocolate, Palm sugar dark chocolate bar


All the stress, anxiety, confusion can cause you sleepless days and nights. This will not only disrupt your professional and personal life but also keep you weary and jaded all the time. It is thus very essential to give your body the kind of rest it needs. Calming your nervous down will help get your sleep back.

To get a good nights sleep try-

  • Nuts and seeds –These contain an amino acid named Tryptophan, that when ingested gets turned into the neurotransmitter serotonin which is converted into the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for our sleep cycle. Thus, intake of seeds and nuts will help in removing your sleep disorders.

Hazelnuts, Black peanuts , Cheese and onion peanuts, jalapeno peanuts ,Nuts mix

  • Rose Tea– Rose tea helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It eases the mind, thus making it an excellent tea to drink before bed.

Rose green tea, Rose chamomile tea, Rose oolong tea

  • Peppermint tea– This aromatic tea works beautifully in reducing stress and anxiety. Peppermint tea contains menthol, which is a natural muscle relaxant. It is a wonderful tea to drink before going to bed as it has a relaxing effect and does not contain caffeine. After a crazy day at work, have a cup of peppermint tea for good sleep.

Note of warning –Not suitable for pregnant women.

Peppermint lemongrass tea, Peppermint green tea ,Rose mint green tea


Are you feeling tired and exhausted after long hours of work and job overtimes? Tiredness can cause delusions and create problems in your daily life. Deficiency of proper vitamins can also cause you to feel tired more often. To stay energized and focused, one should intake proper nutritious food.

To tackle your tiredness we have-

  • Health Bars– Health bars are the quick fix you need when you are tired and need to boost up your energy to get start working again. It keeps you full for some time so you won’t have much hunger cravings in between your work.

Granola bar, Dark chocolate Vitamin C bars, Choco almond protein bars, Fruit punch health bar

  • Trail Mixes- Trail mixes are a healthy mix of nuts, seeds and berries. These are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They provide the necessary fiber for your body. Along with being extremely beneficial for health, these foods help in reducing tiredness and fatigue and give an instant energy boost.

Seeds and fruits mix, Mixed seed chaat ,Protein mix, Herbal trail mix

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