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“A Full Belly = A Happy Heart” – Presenting Delicious Customizable Bridesmaids Hamper Ideas!

They’re the ones that where there when your now-fiancé first caught your eyes. The ones that talked you through the first, second and third-date butterflies. And since your bridesmaids are not only your BFF’s but also your major support system during the wedding, it’s only fitting that you show them your appreciation in some special way!

We at Foodstree believe that the way to a girl heart is through food. Diamonds may be for ever, but they won’t help your bestie get over her ‘hanger’ pangs (you know, when you’re so hungry, you get angry?), or help her stick to her diet. They say ‘a full belly makes for a happy heart’, so go the food way and your bridesmaids are sure to feel the love! Here are some hampers for all your bridesmaids and their different personalities:

  1. All Sweet Stuff

For the ones who love all things sweet and nice!

  1. Detox Queen

For the one who is forever watching what she eats.

  1. The Foodie One

For the one who says ‘I live to eat, not eat to live’!

These are just a few variations and ideas! You can visit us at www.foodstree.com for the full range, or get in touch on (+91) 9903847040. We deliver all over India, and every hamper is fully customizable. So pick your products, sit back and relax – we’ll take care of the rest!

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