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9 Things To Help You Stick To You 2019 Resolutions

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from the Foodstree Team! With every new year comes the time for resolutions – the things we plan on doing, the goals we want to achieve and the dreams we want to turn into reality. Having resolutions is key to self-growth and actualization, and there’s no better time than a brand new year to start something new.

Resolutions are like fantasies though – the thought of them is very pleasing, but they both require commitment and work to make them come true. It has become a running joke in recent times that New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken! In the words of Joe Adams – “May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!”. Everyone begins with the best of intentions. January is the time it feels like all the gyms are all flooded with more people than the entire year combined; when everybody decides to eat healthy and follow a good lifestyle. Come February however, we see many falling off the bandwagon and becoming lax.

Why is this you ask? Sometimes the resolutions may actually be too tough to stick to (though we believe that nothing is if you put your mind to it!), a lot of them are broken due to insufficient planning.  Similar to when giving an exam, half the battle is won with preparation and pre-planning! While we can’t help you with getting to the gym and staying active, we can help you to eat better and stay healthy without compromising on taste.

With our range of healthy snacks, organic staples and preservative-free alternates to processed foods, you can plan and transform your meals into nourishing, strengthening ones in a sustainable and long-term way. You can hit all your food related goals, whether it’s cutting down on sugar, carbs, going organic or vegan without any hassle and without feeling if you’re being forced to eat bad, unflavourful food! We’ve got both your resolutions & tastebuds covered!

Here are some of our most popular categories and queries:

  • Healthy Snacking Stars:
  1. Barbecue Popped Chips – yummy, crunchy & flavourful goodness
  2. Chilli Coconut Chips – an unuual combination that will have you wanting more
  3. Sesame Rice Crackers – perfect with your afternoon cuppa
  • Detox Divas:
  1. Mai-Skin Green Tea – helps clear skin from the inside out
  2. Mai-Immunity Green Tea – boost your immunity the natural way
  3. Mai-Slim Green Tea – 100% ayurvedic  formula boosts metabolism
  • Sinless Sweet Tooth
  1. All Natural Mulberry Preserve – organic, naturally sweet and unique
  2. Salted Jaggery Butter – the healthiest alternative to your salted caramel cravings!
  3. Grape and Sweet Lime Preserve – sweet, tangy goodness

Want to know more about our products, and recommendations on how you can stick to your food resolutions? Or even just detox after the party season? Write to us on contactus@foodstree.com, WhatsApp on (+91) 84209 10832 or simply leave a comment below and we’d be happy to offer you some in-depth help!

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