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9 Snacks For Every Match! #WorldCupFever

A nail-biting match, a couple of beers and scrumptious food to gorge on, what more could any cricket fan wish for while cheering their team on? When the cricket fever is on, it is difficult for cricket fans to contain their excitement. Where the emotions run from head to foot, people tend to get hungry. With all that excitement and nervousness, you need something more indulgent to fuel that enthusiasm. A sumptuous lunch or dinner, some beverages and watching cricket might be the ideal combination during the Cricket World Cup Season.

Be it the test matches that last for days or the one-day matches or the T-20s or the World Cup season, cricket is the favourite pastime of all Indians. Any match, in which our country is participating, is a day when all the households are gripped in the fervour of the excitement of the day. The day becomes a lot better when it is accompanied with tasty snacks that are great to crunch on while the overs go by and the anticipation for the result of the match builds on. Here are some snacks to fulfill all your cravings during the nail-biting moments of every match.

  1. Cocktail Mix:

Watching the World Cup at home? Let’s make it fun. Featuring our extravagant collection of cocktail mix, with four different flavors to enhance your taste. When choosing the cocktail of your choice, it’s not just counting calories that makes it healthy or unhealthy, next time take a second to think about the potential for obtaining fruit and vegetable servings, nutrient value, sugar content, antioxidant level, and medicinal properties too. Plus flavor of course! These cocktail mixes should be tried out with ice and vodka for the perfect blend of cocktail taste at home. Vodka is a cure-all. The colorless, odorless drink has a number of health benefits as well as medicinal properties. Go ahead-explore and experiment!

  1. Vaccum Fried Chips:

If you’ve ever eaten these vacuum-fried chips, you may have been staring into the bag of the next big thing. Though the bag you remember was likely empty, because once you eat one of these vaccum fried chips, you’ll realize that you can’t stop. Enter vacuum-fried food; it’s what you imagine: putting into a chamber with a vacuum function and cooking it in there without any dilution of taste. It’s how the food is fried that makes all the difference. They are low in fat, have less oil uptake and contain high fiber and iron. Grab a pack of these yummy vaccum fried chips while cheering for your favourite team.

  1. Pizza Margarita Baked Rice Chips:

With our Pizza Margarita Baked Rice Chips, enjoy a delicious, cheesy pizza in every single chip! Our tasty Margherita Pizza Baked Rice Chips are made with just the right amount of spice and flavor without losing on its nutrition count. They are a perfect low-calorie substitute to fried chips and a good-to-go snack when munching while watching.

  1. Soy/Ragi Twisters:

We always crave for some crunchy-munching snack when cheering for our favourite team in the world cup match, and this Ragi Twisters is so perfect made with all the right seasoning. An all-time family favorite, these crunchy strips of snack time heaven have a slight salty, sweet and malty flavor which just makes them all the more delicious!  Eating these twists benefits you in a unique way as they are loaded with Calcium and are a rich source of fiber.

  1. Spanish Salsa:

These crunchy, crispy, healthy, tangy-tomato namkeen will surely give you a power-boost when cheering for your favourite team. They are essentially high in proteins and a perfect go-to-go snack for hunger pangs in between meals. The match becomes a lot better when it is accompanied with tasty snacks like the Spanish Salsa, that are great to crunch on while the overs go by and the anticipation for the result of the match builds on.

  1. Jalapeno Peanuts:

This mix brings along the health benefits of peanuts with the tangy flavour of jalapeno. Peanuts have high concentrations of poly-phenolic antioxidants which protect the heart and inhibit the growth of free radicals. Add to it, the taste of jalapeno and a complete healthy diet is up for snacking. They are slow roasted and seasoned to perfection. Jalapeno peanuts make a unique, yummy food gift for anyone who enjoys the tinge of Southwest flavor.

  1. Tandoori Hummus:

While the dip still retains the traditional hummus ingredients, we have spiked it up further using our own tongue-tickling tandoori spices. This gives the creamy hummus a unique flavor.  It can be used as an accompaniment with other things to prepare mouth-watering meals or on its own as a dip or spread. It is versatile and packed with proteins they help in muscle development. Scoop it straight with a pita or naan bread and enjoy the match.

  1. Mexican Dip:

This hot, tangy and exotic Mexican Dip is sure to please everyone in the room! It is the ideal party food, it’s delicious, satisfying, flavorful and so simple to serve, and most everybody likes it. It is the perfect snack for game day, a quick party appetizer or to serve to unexpected guests last minute. So, grab your snacks and get ready to dig in to this fantastic Mexican Dip!

  1. Peri-Peri Seeded Crackers:

Made with five different kinds of seeds, oats and oodles of love, our Peri-Peri Seeded Crackers are power packed with natural ingredients containing loads of protein and energy. These make for a perfect mid-meal snack having scrumptious taste and real nutrition. Dig into these handmade, crispy and flavorful munchies and never feel guilty about snacking again! They are a delicious way to add extra nutrients and fiber to your diet and a healthy alternative to pre-packaged processed crackers. Enjoy this health snack that’s super crunchy and addictive to binge on while you sit down to enjoy your favourite sport.

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