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8 Ways To Celebrate This Mother’s Day

There’s no feeling, no emotion in the world more beautiful than a mother’s unconditional love and care for her children. Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all. Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. A mother is not just a female parent who bears womb of their off spring for nine months, but also someone who spends their life’s experience in shaping their child’s future in innumerable ways. She’s the one who sacrifices an important part of her life in taking care of her child, and doesn’t mind suffering in order to prevent her child from all threats the world is ready to pose.

This year Mother’s day is on 12th of May 2019. It is an auspicious and a thanks-giving day for all the Mothers in the world. It is the day to remember their commitment and sacrifices that has gone into bringing up their children. So, we’ve got together a few items to show our appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. Presenting our series of heart-warming things to make our mothers realise how they’ve made our lives beautiful, special and lovelier.

  1. Gift Boxes – Pamper your mother!:

When we say that nature is wise, one of the things that we refer to is the bond between mothers and their children. In return for all her unconditional love and support, what better way than surprising your mother with an amazing gift box containing fitness freak granola and savoury granola which will surely bring a smile on her face? She will be overjoyed to know that you acknowledge all that she has done for you and you had been looking for an opportunity to make her happy, make her feel wanted and above all tell her that you love her. Often mothers forget to take care of themselves while taking our care so this box is perfect to pamper her with some healthy goodies and with goodness of granola. Granola’s oats deliver impressive numbers in fiber and iron, while nuts and seeds add heart-healthy unsaturated fats and some protein.

  1. Triphala Capsules – Take care of her:

Triphala capsules are the perfect solution to make sure that your mom’s health is fine and now you need not worry anymore. Triphala has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It supports bowel health and aid digestion. As an antioxidant, it’s also thought to detoxify the body and support the immune system.

  1. Belgian Chocolate Sauce – Bake her a sweet treat:

Let’s do the role reversal! Why don’t we bake and let our moms relax. Bake her the perfect cake by adding and topping it with sweet, chocolate-flavoured condiment the Belgian chocolate sauce. She will surely love it and this sauce is an excellent addition and adds a great flavour to the cake.

Mom is the one who will always complain that we are not eating right. She cooks all kinds of things so that we will be strong and healthy. Living away from home, home cooked food by mom is the thing that a person misses the most and nothing matches the taste of that flavour; but not anymore. Here, we’ve got for you stuffs that will exactly give you the flavour of home cooked food and will make you and your mom both happy and nothing better than seeing your mom happy on her special day.

  1. Chai Masala Extract – Recreate the taste of home:

Chai masala extract which will rejuvenate your normal tea and will give you the aroma of “ghar ka chai” and is a perfect beverage to refresh you on a hectic day. With blend of all the perfect Indian spices this chai masala will surely enhance the taste of your chai. Have your tea with the perfect crunchy and crispy the traditional Indian “chakli”. Unlike the fried ones these are a healthier version with low cholesterol and lesser fat content and form a perfect evening snack with a cup of masala tea. Indeed a unique blend of taste which is loved by everyone.

  1. Fresh Lime Pickle – Make any food taste like home food:

Have this tangy sweet and sour lemon pickle to make your parathas taste even better and to give you the perfect flavour of home cooked parathas, that too away from home. Aachar is every Indian child’s go-to, to give daily food that extra kick of deliciousness. This lime pickle is made from an authentic recipe passed down and perfected through generations to give you that ultimate taste of nostalgia!

  1. Magic Sabji Masala – Nothing tastes like ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’:

Now, add the taste of your mother’s hands to the food you make. Sabji masala which is made with carefully picked Indian spices will surely give you the feel of “ghar ka sabji”. Add this masala to any regular sabji and get the added flavours and feel of authentic Indian curry.

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