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8 Tasty Ancient Secrets To Great Health

Since the beginning of the 20th century, farmers worldwide have abandoned many traditional crops in favour of genetically modified, high-yielding varieties of grains, fruits and more. For example, today over 50% of the world’s grain-based nutrition comes from just 3 crops – wheat, rice and corn. This wave lead to the biodiversity of the ecosystem to be threatened, and also caused the many delicious, nutritional and traditional agricultural products to be forgotten.

However, in recent times, a global shift towards the rediscovery and regrowth of such forgotten crops has occurred. The health benefits of many of these undervalued agricultural products are being appreciated again, along their power to combat malnutrition, promote biodiversity and support more secure food systems.

There are many ancient Indian crops that are now more readily available outside of traditional cooking, as the country wakes up to their positives. We at Foodstree have rounded up our favourites, in a plethora of delicious new forms.

  1. Multi Millet Khichdi Mix :

Millets are ancient grains that are gluten free, fibre rich and packed with micro-nutrients. Because of their unique properties and abundant health benefits millets are gaining popularity once again. So we bring to you millets in their most evergreen avatar – khichdi! This Multi Millet Khichdi is a new variant in our ready-mix range. As the name suggests this easy-to-make mix is prepared using the finest quality millets such as Little millet, Foxtail millet, Proso millet and Bajra mixed in ideal proportions with jowar, cumin seeds and black sesame to give it an authentic flavour.

  1. Naturally Sweet Jackfruit Chips :

Made with jackfruits naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats and processed using vacuum frying technology. Zero cholesterol, filled with Vitamin A, C, E, K, B6. These are a healthier alternative to deep fried snacks as there is no sugar, preservatives or colour added. One bite of our jackfruit chips will make you crave for more!

  1. Ragi and Oat Cookies :

Here’s to bringing traditional food wisdom back into our modern lives in the form of these Ragi and Oat Cookies! Organic ragi flour, whole grain wheat flour, rolled oats combine to make this a yummy munchy snack! The perfect on-the-go option and a convenient, healthy yet tasty alternative for fussy eaters.

  1. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil :

The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is “Cold Pressing”. This means that the oil has been extracted by natural methods which do not damage any essential fatty acids. This coconut oil is extracted by crushing dried coconuts in the old fashioned cold pressed method. This oil is light with a delicate, fragrant flavour. Great for regular everyday cooking or even application on hair and skin.

  1. Heing Jeera Mirchi Ghee Tadka :

The perfect complete pack of spices for your kitchen. Drizzle a teaspoon on any of your Indian cooking and its flavours and aroma will just enhance the flavours of your dish! Made with pure cow ghee, it has spices like jeera, whole red chillies, and asafoetida to give it its characteristic taste. After all, we Indians love any form of “tadka”!

  1. Ragi Upma Mix :

Committed to keeping the age-old traditions alive by soaking, sprouting and stone grinding the ragi to retain its natural goodness, this Ragi upma mix is a nutritious meal for any time of the day. A healthier alternative to suji upma, but just as delicious.

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt :

200 million year old salt deposits in the Himalayan mountains are hand harvested from the Indian foothills and minimally processed before they reach your table. Use daily in place of ordinary table salt to add a full spectrum of minerals to your diet. This Himalayan Pink Salt enhances the taste of food and will health issues such a high blood pressure, heart ailments and more at bay.

  1. Fig Amaranth Muesli :

This amaranth muesli packs a super power punch with goodness of the ancient super food – the powerful grain Amaranth as its star ingredient. This bowl is full of nutty, crunchy texture with sweet echoes of cinnamon and vanilla making it a delicious way to start your day. Our mueslis have the satisfying crumbly texture and sweetness that we all crave.

Rediscover ancient secrets and ingredients with Foodstree! For more recommendations, leave us a comment or email us on contactus@foodstree.com.

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