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6 Fun & Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love

Children, the best adventure of one’s life.  Children are like a gift from God but sometimes tackling them sometimes can be quite a handful, specially when it comes to getting them to eat well!

Every parent stresses thinking about the eating behaviors of their child but often find no solution to inculcating healthy habits. A large part is due to globalization – new generations have not only been exposed to a plethora of new technology, but also to food options and eating habits that were previously unheard of. Everything comes at a price they say, and here the price of having access to tastier and more variety of food is the amount of amount of unhealthy things also now easily available – chips, soft drinks, pizza, burger, pasta – the list goes on.

How many of you want your child to eat healthy? How many of you find it a challenge to feed them healthily because they are always running somewhere, such as from school to tuition or another activity? We here at Foodstree believe that eating healthy doesn’t need to be a chore anymore. It can be as simple as packaging lunch for your child instead of giving them lunch money or ensuring there are always healthy snacks around so they don’t reach for that packet of fried crisps. Incorporating eating well into your child’s hectic lifestyle shouldn’t, and doesn’t need to be a point of contention anymore.

Here are our top two tips to make healthy hassle-free. First and foremost, it is important to make children aware of what they are eating. By no means are we saying that they should never have that plate of Maggi, or gorge on some ice-cream – those are some of our own nostalgic childhood memories. But this should be balanced out with veggies, fresh fruits, grains & dairy. One easy way we have seen is to simply explain the benefits of healthy food – after all which child doesn’t want to grow up to be big and strong! And if that takes eating some spinach then so be it. Once your child understands the concept of balancing their food, and making sure they eat their portion of the good stuff, half the battle is already won.

Children also tend to respond better to food that imbibes some element of fun into the task of eating. Whether it’s fun shapes, colour or names, it’s always easier to get them to eat things that appeal to their other senses as well. So when you’re cooking, or purchasing keep an eye out for anything that might appealto your child on more than a taste level. But do be vigilant, as these days many kids products are available in fun packaging but are cho-a-bloc full of sugar & chemicals. Make sure you read the ingredients and nutritional info on the back as well.

This Children’s day lets pledge to help our kids eat cleaner, better, safer and healthier but still tastier! The Foodstree Team brings to you our favourite picks from the kids collection, that are the perfect combination of healthy, fun and tasty, which will help to break their eating monotony as well as your daily worries about what to give them! Made with the best quality organic ingredeints, with no added chemicals and nasties.

Check out our entire kids section here.

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