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10 Natural Staples For Naturally Good Health

Today’s urban generations are obsessed with eating healthy – which is both a blessing and a curse. While there is clear and present intent of having a clean bill of health, the means and goals of reaching there are becoming more of a grey area. From crash diets to nutritional pills, people today are mistaking being thin and counting calories for being healthy. We here at Foodstree believe that being healthy doesn’t mean being a particular size or shape. It is more about how you treat your body and what you fuel it with – after all, you are what you eat.

With today’s hectic pace of life and easy availability of fast food, a bulk of daily diets end up consisting of processed food filled with chemicals. From the refined oils, to spices bulked up with fillers, from artificially coloured produce to chemical-filled dairy, there is now a commercially fueled abundance of low-quality, low-nutrition staples flooding the market. This is not to say that technology has not furthered food science, but when it ends up being utilized with profitability as the goal over health, it becomes a larger issue in the long run.

The field of nutrition is currently undergoing great scrutiny due to these very reasons, and a common conclusion that many experts have come to is that the natural, unprocessed foods eaten by our ancestors were by far better for our systems and health. Simple, organic, chemical-free ingredients cooked using easy methods could be the key to living a fuss-free healthy lifestyle. Not only do they reduce our exposure to artificial substances that may have detrimental effects on the body, they are also enable eco-friendly, sustainable practices that are good for the environment.

There is no dearth of literature on switching back to a natural diet as followed by our ancestors. And the more we research on the same, the more we are convinced that it is the simplest, easiest way to maintain good health. With this goal in mind, we have curated some of our favourite ingredients, staples and forgotten cultural favourites from local areas that are grown chemical-free by organic farmers. They also serve to display the amazing regional diversity of food in India and help support rural communities.

  1. Naga Chilli
  2. Multi Millet Flour
  3. Stevia Leaf
  4. Black Rice
  5. Detox Tea with Stevia
  6. Kitchen Spice Kit
  7. Black Cardamom
  8. Organic White Pepper
  9. Multi Millet Flakes with Dry Fruits
  10. Bamboo Rice
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